Thursday, May 19, 2011

Official News....

It has been confirmed...we are having a boy!!! Clear as day. He didn't try to find anything. LOL. He was so cute and moving around a lot. The doctor had trouble getting the shots he needed. Oh well, we all got a really cute show. Pictures to come.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Madilyn Turns 2 Today!!!

I cannot believe Madilyn is already 2 years old. She has grown up so fast. When she woke up this morning Darrell and I both said and sang happy birthday to her. I don't think she really understood what we were doing or what day it was.

I made her favorite breakfast today, pancakes. I cut the pancake up so it said "I love (I cut a heart) u". Darrell thought it was cute but Madilyn just wanted to start digging in. Happy Birthday was too long and after we started eating Darrell said "you should have made a number 2". That would have been much harder than the "I love u". I have a heart cookie cutter so some of it was easy. I took a couple of pictures at breakfast, which I will post later.

For Madilyn's birthday we are planning on buying her her own fish. We were thinking a couple of Black Molly fish from PetSmart because when you stick your finger in the water they come up and kiss your finger. We were also thinking about getting her a goldfish because she really likes Dorthy on Sesame Street. She loves Elmo and gets really happy when she sees Dorthy, or any fish at all. She loves Finding Nemo as well. It is one of her favorite movies. Since this fish is something I will be taking care of more than her I am thinking a Beta fish. They are pretty and very low maintenance. We will be going as a family on Friday to get her fish as well as get her 2 year old photos taken and maybe go to her first movie theater movie. We will have to check the times and see if there are any movies playing that she will sit through. Pictures of Madilyn's first pet will be coming soon. We also want to take her to the zoo or some kind of aquarium. She has never been to either and she will love both. We just need to find one here in Oklahoma. We want to do so much with her now while we have the time. When this second baby comes it won't be very fun around here and we won't be going any where for a while.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Madilyn Grace. Mommy and Daddy love you very much and hope you have a wonderful birthday (even though you don't really know it is your birthday or what a birthday is all about).

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Ultrasound Pictures

At 13 weeks Darrell and I went to an ultrasound specialist to have a down syndrome test with baby #2. We are not worried about this baby having down syndrome nor do we care if this baby has it because we will love and take care of this baby no matter how things turn out. We decided to do this test to see our new baby with a better and more high tech ultrasound machine and because at 13 weeks they can make a better educated guess as to what we are having. It was such an awesome experience. We saw so much. The baby was wiggling, "talking", waving, kicking, and arching its back. It was so cute. We even got to see some 3D pictures. We got some of the appointment on a DVD and they gave us about 10 pictures. Here are a couple. They "think" or should I say "they are pretty sure" we are having a boy. We go back in about 4 weeks for another ultrasound. We will find out for sure then. We will keep everyone updated.
Ok, now the photos...

The second one has an arrow pointed to it to show us why they are pretty sure we are having a boy. The third one actually says, "I'm pretty sure it's a boy!!!" Darrell was so excited and kept asking the doctor so he stopped what he was doing and quickly showed us this and typed that above the picture. LOL. The last one is one of our 3D pictures.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Let it begin... THE PLAN: Don't allow binkies in her mouth other than at bed time, on car rides, and when she is really really upset. Step 1: Cut one binky nipple so she thinks it is ruined and she doesn't want it. When she does get it at bed time or in the car she will think she is getting a treat. Step 2: No more binkies in the car. Only allow binkies at bed time. (We are not their yet...but maybe in a couple of weeks, realistically it will probably be more like a month or two) Step 3: No binkies at all...I am terrified of this stage...I don't know if we will ever get here. Hopefully we will be here by the time the new baby comes.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby #2

(I bet you are all so glad to see my pee stick, huh!!! Sorry. I just wanted to show the proof.)

So, on February 15th Darrell and I found out we are going to be adding another little bundle of joy to our family. We are so excited. It looks like I will be due around October 21 (one week after mine and Darrell's birthday). Crazy huh!!! I have my first doctor's appointment on March 24. I will post any other news or pictures (if I have them) after that appointment. Hopefully it is only one baby. LOL!!!

Right now Darrell wants a boy, for many reason, who can blame him. I want another girl though. I have been learning to make so many cute little bows and girlie things that I want to be able to use my new skills on another little girl. Plus, it would be nice for Madilyn to have a sister close in age to her so they can have things in common and play together. We both will be happy with either gender though. What we really want is a happy, healthy baby who sleeps as good as Madilyn does and did. One can hope. Maybe we will get luck twice. Cross your fingers for us. More to come.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dog walks...

Here is Madilyn with Peanut. Madilyn loves to help walk the dogs. We have 3 lab mix dogs whom she loves very much. She love to chase them around the house, climb on them so she can get on the couch, and pull their hair and tails. They are all so good with her and they are pretty good about staying with her and not pulling her down when she has the leash.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


This past weekend Darrell and I went down to Dallas for his sister's wedding and I forgot to pack a bottle for Madilyn. She only has a bottle when she gets up in the morning and when she goes to bed. I have kept giving her a bottle because she seems to drink more milk out of a bottle then out of a sippy cup. Anyways, I thought she was going to freak out like she did when we tried to take the bottle away about 6 months ago, but surprisingly she didn't. Although she wasn't thrilled about drinking her milk from a sippy cup she was just so tired the first night and she wanted something to drink so she just drank her milk from her cup. There was a few fussy moments and then she gave in. It was a lot easier than the first time. Yay!!!

So, finally at 20 1/2 months I am packing away the bottles until we have another little one. I am so happy we got through this stage. Doctors have been telling me for a while to get her off a bottle because it is bad for her teeth, while now she is off the bottle. Hurray!!! I have been wanted to get her off a bottle for months and I have just been to weak. She hasn't had a bottle since Friday morning and she hasn't really seemed to mind not having her one. Thank goodness. I will miss how cute she is when she just wakes up or when it is time for bed and a bottle seems to help relax her. She is so cute. Now getting her off the binkie is another story. That will be the hardest. Wish me luck.

These pictures were taken more than a year ago, but she still is so cute. Just bigger.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New title...

Ok, so the title "Jill and Darrell" was making me so bored. I think I am going to try out a few new titles before I actually change it. I might keep the website address the same but just change the name of the blog. Stay tuned. Any suggestions are welcomed. I am not very creative with these kind of things. :-)

No More Chili's...Hopefully ever!!!

Tonight was Darrell's last night at Chili's. He has been working there for about 5 years and off and on for over 10 years. Crazy huh? The Chili's here in the town we are living in wasn't what we expected. We will miss the great food discounts but we need and are starting to eat better so maybe this is a good thing.

We are both excited for his new job as Assistant Manager at the Auto Zone right by our house. It takes less than 5 minutes to walk there (which he is excited about since Chili's was about a 10-15 minute drive). He is also excited about the hours (and so am I). He won't be getting home at 1 and 2 am any more. Thank goodness. The knowledge he will learn about things he will need in the future also excites him.

Darrell also start back to school tomorrow. This is his second semester at this school. He loves being at such a big school. He will only be taking 4 classes instead of 5 like last semester so we are hoping we might be able to see each other more often. He is getting his masters in architecture. His undergrad is not in architecture so this program will be about a 3 1/2 or 4 year program. We will be here for a while. At the end of 2 years he will have a second bachelors degree which we are both excited about. I am so proud of Darrell for working so hard when things haven't been all that easy for him or us. He keeps pushing forward and fights for what he wants and knows is right. I truly admire him and thank him for the great example he is setting now for our kids in the future. I love you babe. XOXO

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Light Show

OK, so a couple days after Christmas I heard about an awesome Christmas light show in the town we are living. Here is the link. They only played 4 or 5 songs but it was really cool. The videos don't do it justice. It was much better in person.

As you are driving down this long dark country back road you can start to see the lights. Then you start seeing signs telling you to turn you radio to 107.1. Then the music starts. You drive into their lot of land and off to the right of their drive way is a field where you can park, turn you lights off and sit and watch the light show. It is so cool. Even though it was a Christian family and some of the songs were not traditional it really made this time of year feel like Christmas. Darrell and I look forward to seeing it again next year.

FYI--click on the title "Christmas Light Show" and it will take you to the website with the videos. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Madilyn fell alseep in the car and when we brought her inside she woke up. We put her down, went and put things away, and when we came back into the living room we found her like this. So cute. She was so tired.
Madilyn got her toes painted for the first time about two weeks ago. She always touches my toes when I have them painted so I painted hers and she loved it. She thought she was so cute. She messed them up a couple of times so I ended up painting them 3 or 4 times. Oh and she has Darrell's short, fat feet. Poor girl.

Madilyn's new crocks. I have never liked these but they are so cute on her. She found them at good will and wouldn't put them down. They looked really cute on her and they were only $2. Now, she loves to try and put them on herself and wear them all day.

Friday, November 5, 2010

More Halloween 2010

We went Trick-or-Treating around our friend's neighborhood. These are their two girls. Their little boy, who was a cowboy, is not in the picture. The girls love Madilyn and were helping her out all night. This guy had an awesome house. It was packed with so many differnt Halloween lawn decorations. Everyone loved it. You can see Madilyn and me walking up to the house. Here's the other side of the house. His house really stuck out on that street.
The man at the really decorated house even gave Madilyn a glowing reflector. It was a big help. Mommy forgot the ones she bought at home.
Walking with mommy.

I love this yard decoration. This was at one of the house we got candy from. The mom and daughter were both dressed up as witches and Madilyn was so scared. I had to go up and get her candy from them.

More Halloween 2010

Helping clean the pumpkins out.
This is where the meltdown starts.

Arching the back, oh ya. LOL

This is before the meltdown.

Halloween 2010

She was not happy about getting her picture taken. She was tired and didn't understand the whole dressing up thing, yet. :-) Her blankie and binkie always makes her feel better.

Standing with Grandma Mundy about to go Trick-or-Treating.

Daddy is so funny and can always make Madilyn laugh.

Mommy had to put on her cat costume ears so Madilyn felt like she was being cool like her mommy. lol She wouldn't wear them unless she saw I was wearing mine.

Madilyn "The Little Devil".

Cute blue eyes and a space, just like her mommy had when she was small. Mommy's grew together so hopefully Madilyn's will as well. If not, there is always braces.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

SHE'S HERE!!!! YAY!!!!

Madilyn Grace was born at 7:52 am on May 11, 2009. She was 7 lbs. 9 oz. and 20 inches long. She has strawberry blond hair and has long skinny legs and fingers. The delivery was great. I had the best anesthesiologist out there. I had a spinal block for my c-section and I didn't feel a thing. It was great. I was up walking that night. The hospital staff and lactation consultants are so great at Centennial Medical Center. I want to have my next baby there as well.

Madilyn loves to sleep on mommy and daddy's chest but not in her bassinet. She is such a good baby. The only time she gets fussy is when she is hungry or her diaper is getting changed.

Darrell is so in love with her. He loves to take naps with her, hold her while he is watching TV and play with her.

She is a little lazy when she eats so she did not gain any weight when we weighed her at her one month appointment. This worried me a lot. To help her gain weight I have been feeding her more often, eating more protein and high calorie foods, and I switched from fat free milk to vitamin D milk. I am not suppose to bring her back to our pediatrician until she is 2 months old but he is so concerned about her weight that he wants me to come back in a week (just to be weighed). I really hope she gains something when we weight her again. I will try to post an update next weekend when I know more. Cross your fingers.

Picture will be coming soon. Sorry, I am still trying to figure out how to post them. Stay tuned!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

She's almost here!!

I have a planned C-Section scheduled for Monday, May 11, 2009, at 7:30 am. I went to the doctor today and she said I was only one centimeter dilated. I found it funny that I am so close to my due date, I have been walking around the mall and different store for hours a day for the last couple of days, and I am still not able to dilate. My sister Jessica can dilate just by blinking, but I am doing several things that would put a normal person into labor but nothing comes of it. It's not like I want to have her too early but I just find it funny. Anyways, I will try to get pictures up as soon as I can after she comes so everyone can see our new little one. And no, we have not picked a name yet. We are going to wait to see what she looks like and see if she has red hair. We have a list but we cannot decide on one yet. We will let you know soon.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

I have started a registry at Babies R US. I'm not done but I continue to add to it when I have time.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Family Picture

This my family outside the Houston temple the day Darrell and I got sealed together. Included in the picture are: Mom and Dad(2), brothers and sisters and their spouses(13), and all the grand kids(12). Total=27, not including the two on the way.

First Untrasound!!

This is my first ultrasound. I am 8 weeks here.

We're pregnant!!!!!!!

We found out (through a home pregnacy test) on September 28 that we are going to be having a baby. We were both shocked because we did not expect this at all. I am not 16 and a 1/2 weeks and we are so excited. I am due on May 20 so I am almost half way there. We will find out on December 19th what we will be having, so stay tuned.